Cheddar and Goldfish Encrusted Chicken


Well it’s been almost another 15 days since my last post. 
I’m just lazy. It’s true. Plus I don’t want to spend the last precious few hours of my night in front of my computer thinking. (I’d rather spend them mindlessly in front of the TV.)
I swear from this point forward I will do my absolute best to add a post at the very least once a week. 

I did manage to find some time tonight while the hubby is at hockey to knock back a glass (or two three) of wine and get back at this blogging stuff.

Today I’ve got another cheesy chicken recipe…quelle surprise!
I attempted this one a couple nights ago and it turned out alright. I saw this pin for “Crispy Cheesy Chicken” and it sounded delicious and easy enough, so I decided to give it a shot.
After reading through the recipe I realized I didn’t have the ingredients for the cream sauce it originally called for so I went without and just used Ranch Dressing to dip it in.

Here’s my version;  The “Cheddar and Goldfish Encrusted Chicken”


Chicken Breasts (I only used two)
Crushed Goldfish Crackers (original recipe called for Ritz Crackers, but I didn’t have any on hand so I improvised. I used about a cup)
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1/4 cup whole milk 
1 Egg (another improvisation, I didn’t think just milk was making the cheese stick enough so I added an egg to it)


1. Cut chicken into strips (I didn’t do this because I didn’t even read this part in the original recipe. I just picked out my ingredients, checked the baking temp and time and just basically winged the rest of it. I would recommend doing this step though, because I think it would’ve made mine significantly crispier. I’ll be doing this next time.)

2. Combine egg and milk and dip each chicken strips into the mixture coating them

3. Press the cheese into the chicken (the cheese really doesn’t stick very well even with the egg so I really had to push it into the chicken)

4. Press chicken into cracker crumbs

5. Spray a 9×13 pan with cooking spray and lay the chicken on the pan. Cover with tin foil and bake at 400 degrees for 35 mins. (I used a loaf pan because it was all I could find at that moment)

6. Remove tinfoil and bake for an additional 10-15 mins until crispy

Here’s my inspiration; the original link’s beautiful cheesy crispy chicken:


And here’s my beautiful Cheddar and Goldfish Encrusted Chicken (with rice):
(Doesn’t it just look so appetizing! It was edible I swear.)


Despite looking like a Pinterest fail it was actually pretty delicious. Hubby really seemed to enjoy it (hard not to make him happy with anything that involves cheese and chicken) and my toddler ate it too (I think the goldfish crackers were enticing enough for him). 

This one will certainly be added to my repertoire, only next time I’d definitely cut the chicken into strips and use the proper baking pan. 


What’s up 2014!


I’m such a slacker.
15 days without a post in a blog project that (in my head) was going to be a full 365 consecutive days of attempts at Pinteresty shit. HA!
I’ve already failed to keep my New Year’s resolution to stop procrastinating.

Meh, it is what it is.
I spent the last 15 days eating an unsettling amount of food that will yield absolutely no positive results towards my physique or general health, drinking copious amounts of wine (and other spirits), visiting family and friends and after that any spare time was spent doing absolutely nothing and remaining horizontal on the couch. Needless to say my holidays weren’t overly Pinspirational.

I’ll get back at it on Monday. I swear.
I feel like when the rest of the world goes back to work I’ll be more motivated….we’ll see how it goes.

Hope your holidays were more motivating than mine.

Cheers to 2014!

Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza


Three out of all five of the recipes I’ve done have been Buffalo Chicken recipe’s. Clearly we enjoy Buffalo Chicken in this house and this one didn’t even start off as a Buffalo Chicken recipe, the original pin was for Ranch Chicken Pizza.

It looked fairly doable, even though I haven’t made my own pizza in years and this was a really easy recipe that doesn’t actually make you start from scratch. (that’s above and beyond my pizza making skills)


1 tube Pillsbury refrigerated pizza crust (I don’t think we have that in Canada, at least I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I just used a bag of pre-made dough from my local grocery store)

1/2 cup light ranch dressing

1 package of cream cheese (3oz) (it specifies “Neufchatel” cream cheese in the original recipe, but I’d never even heard of that brand so I bought some light Philly. I didn’t really know how much 3 oz was, so I just cut off 1/3 of the stick)

2 tbsp tomato paste

Chicken Breast cooked and shredded

3 green onions, sliced (I just cut up as much as I wanted, didn’t actually measure it)

1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (I never measure cheese out. Ever)

Bacon bits (I actually cooked up my own bacon for this, it’s so worth the extra 10-15 mins of prep time)

Hot sauce (The original recipe doesn’t call for this, but everything is better with some RedHot and that’s what makes it a Buffalo Chicken pizza)


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray (I didn’t do this. I have a stone rectangular pizza tray that I just dusted with flour) Spread dough onto baking sheet and press down to form crust.

2. Bake for 8 minutes.

3. Mix up the ranch, tomato paste, cream cheese and hot sauce.

4. After the crust is done, spread with sauce and add the other toppings (chicken, bacon, green onions and cheese)

5. Bake for another 8 mins. (I had to bake it for another 25 mins. I think my dough was way too thick and I used a lot of toppings so it wasn’t cooking as thoroughly)

6. Slice and eat.


This was really really good.

It was a lot of prep making the bacon and cooking the chicken (because usually I would’ve been done making dinner after those steps), but it was worth it. It was a delicious pizza.
I’m not sure if the cream cheese was supposed to still be chunky in the sauce, but that’s how mine ended up. However, getting a little glob of cream cheese in a bite with bacon and bacon fried chicken was amazing. Even my toddler ate like 5 whole bites before throwing it across the room at the dogs. (That’s a positive dinner experience in our house)

In hindsight though I would cook the bacon less before putting it on the pizza because I definitely didn’t factor in the baking it would do in the oven, but burnt bacon is still bacon.

Anyways here’s the original link’s beautiful pizza:



And here’s what we ate:


Crockpot Cheesy Buffalo Chicken & Rice


I haven’t done any groceries in about 2 weeks.
I’ve run to the store for milk like 3 times but I haven’t had enough motivation to do a full shop so my fridge and cupboards are pretty bare. I either had to go grocery shopping alone with my 16 month old today, or I had to find something to make out of the scarce amount of items I did have.

So I took to Pinterest and found a pin for this Crockpot Buffalo Chicken. It looked pretty good, but because I didn’t have a couple of the ingredients, I just used it as inspiration to create what I now call Crockpot Cheesy Buffalo Chicken & Rice.

That’s right. My own creation! Maybe I am turning into a domestic diva…


Chicken Breasts (Luckily I had two of these hanging out in the back of my freezer, I know they’re not that old because I feel like I just cleaned that thing out)

Hot Sauce (I used Franks Red Hot because, quite frankly, I do put that shit on everything and it’s always in my “sauce door”. I didn’t actually measure it, but if I had to eye it out I’d say it was probably 1/4 cup)

Ranch Dressing (I had about 1/3 of a bottle left so I just used the rest of it, again not sure of the measurement probably around 1/2 cup) 

Rice (You could use 1 cup of any kind of cooked rice but I used a package of Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice in Creamy Cheddar Cheese)

Shredded Cheese (about 1/2 cup, but there’s really no limit to the amount of cheese a dish should have. Everything’s always better with cheese.)


1. Place chicken breasts in the bottom of the crockpot

2. Mix up ranch and hot sauce and pour over chicken

3. Cover and let the chicken cook on low for a few hours (I probably cooked it for about 6 but my chicken was frozen)

4. Shred the chicken once cooked

5. Add cooked rice (or the pre-packaged pre-cooked stuff like me) and shredded cheese and mix it up. Turn off the crockpot and let it sit for 2-3 mins.

5. Serve it up.

I didn’t take a picture of this one, wasn’t sure I was going to blog about it and by the time I had decided too, it had been devoured. This dish will definitely be made again and probably within a few weeks. I’ll update this post with a pic when I do.

If I can pull this one off without royally f’ing it up anyone can. Trust me.

Oh and it pairs well with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon 😉
(I don’t actually know this. It’s just pretty much all I ever have on hand)


The Lazy Domestic Diva


So I really let myself go there…
I didn’t do anything Pinterest worthy for over a week. We ordered take out for 4 days in a row, went out for dinner twice, watched a few movies, caught up on a couple shows and drank a bunch of wine (tis the season).

I really suck at this domestic stuff, especially when I’m trying to blog about it.

This past weekend we pawned the tiny tyrant off on my in-laws and had a wonderful child-free weekend.
I thought I would get a lot done. There’s a lot of cleaning to do around here, plus I had some Pinterest projects in my head that I wanted to work on and I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping.
Instead, we acted like a couple of teenagers whose parents were gone for the weekend. Stayed up way too late and drank way too much, but we had such a good time alone together that we’ve decided to do it once a month and the grandparents are more than happy to take our minion overnight.

So, because I’ve done next to nothing for over a week I thought I’d just put up a super simple post to get me back into the swing of things.

Since we have copious amounts of empty wine bottles around here (I do solemnly swear that we are not alcoholics or irresponsible parents – most of the time) and I just purchased chalkboard paint, I figured I’d put the two together.

I didn’t get this from a pin, it was born out of sheer laziness to attempt anything else and desperation to put up another post sooner rather than later.


Wine Bottles
Chalkboard Paint


1. Empty out wine bottles (you can always call on me if you need help with this step)

2. Wash bottles and let them dry

3. Apply a coat of chalkboard paint and let dry for an hour

4. Apply another coat and let dry for 24 hours before writing on the surface

5. Scribble away on your new chalkboard bottles

That’s it, probably doesn’t even need 5 steps, I’m just trying to make it look official.

I went on Pinterest after to see what other people were doing with wine bottles and chalkboard paint and most of them link up to cute ideas for centrepieces for weddings and stuff like that.

I made one up to include a menu, you could place it on the table if hosting a dinner or something…maybe…I don’t know.
I honestly have no idea what the hell I’m going to do with these now, but they were fun for a minute or two.


Day 10: Chalkboard Chargers


I had a list of items on my list for my craft run the other day and at the very top was chalkboard paint. There are like about a bajillion things you can do with chalkboard paint. Chalkboard walls, cupboards, tables, serving trays, old frames, glassware, the possibilities are endless!

I went into Michaels knowing I wanted chalkboard paint, not having the slightest clue what I was going to do with it, but something was going to turn into a chalkboard.
I had to check out their Christmas stuff, you know their stuff is overpriced when it’s always marked down. (Every time I go in there everything’s like 30-60% off but it doesn’t really seem like a deal because the regular price is ridiculous) I found a couple of chargers that happened to be on sale and reasonable ($3.50 each) and I knew I’d find a pin for something crafty to do with them (so I bought two).

I found a pin of a picture for inspiration, but didn’t really find a step by step tutorial. It seemed easy enough to attempt it by myself, and considering I usually make up or skip most of the steps anyways I thought I’d just make up my own.


Charger of any colour or shape
Chalkboard Paint (I bought Martha Stewart’s brand. Figured it had to be good)
Paint Brush
Plate stand (I got mine from the dollar store)


1. Paint the centre of the charger with the chalkboard paint. Do two coats but let dry for about an hour in between, after the second coat let it dry for 24 hours before attempting to draw on it. (As per the instructions on the bottle I used, which I didn’t really follow, I don’t think I let it dry enough in between coats and the end result was cracking chalkboard paint. Either that or the surface of the charger didn’t agree with it)

2. Chalk it up!

That’s it. That’s my big tutorial!

Here was the picture I used for inspiration because I bought the exact same charger (they did a Christmas countdown version):


Here’s my masterpiece (I decided to forgo the bow because I have no idea how to tie one):

I used this picture for the quote inspiration.

I made two, but the gold one’s blackboard surface came out a lot more crackly than the red one, so I let my little guy have it. He loves it. It’s not overly hideous so I can just leave it in the middle of the coffee table for him to play with as he pleases. (Thankfully chalk is a hell of a lot easier to get off other random surfaces than crayon or marker is.)


There ya have it. Incredibly easy and not that time consuming.
I was even thinking about doing more of these to use as place settings since something possessed me to volunteer to host my family’s Christmas dinner this year…

This paint is an amazing invention. I can’t wait to find more shit to turn into chalkboards!

Day 8/9: DIY Christmas Decor: Noel Sign


Honestly these Supermom bloggers that somehow find the time to cook amazing meals, keep the house completely impeccable, give their kids sensory and educational play time, make adorably crafty knickknacks, maintain a good relationship with their husbands AND blog about it all are full of it. I’m convinced there is no way anyone can keep this up unless they’re robots or on some good drugs.
I managed to do some crafty crap last night – just ran out of time to blog about it. I like to think I’m normal and not just a complete slacker because I chose to spend the last 2 hours of my night engorging myself on Peanut M&M’s and watching a hockey game with the hubby.

Anyways, I have a TON of Christmas crafts pinned. I really love this time of year and it seems like if you’re going to try to find your crafty side there’s no better time than now. I always go to craft sales and think “Why would I spend money on that when I could just make it”. I find people overvalue their “crafts”. They’re really just cashing in on our laziness. Usually these crafts don’t cost that much to make (unless you shop at Michael’s) and how hard can it really be (depending on what it is of course)…

I’ve seen a few of these types of signs at craft sales priced around $25 and apparently Pottery Barn had something similar one year (I can only imagine how overpriced that one was).
So I decided to try and recreate it with the help of this pin.

I trucked my toddler to Michael’s and two different Dollar Stores to find some craft supplies. I was buying for a couple of other crafty pins I have in mind and I didn’t want to buy stuff from Michael’s that I knew I could get for a buck or two (the mark up on their stuff is ridiculous!).
That errand run in itself was a chore, my kid is teething and bringing him anywhere right now is like going out with Jekyll and Hyde, you never know who you’re going to get. Plus he just wants to touch and grab everything. It’s exhausting.
Once I got home and tranquillized him put him to bed. I got to work.

Noel Sign Necessities:

Letters (I’m sure you can use wood, cardboard, MDF or anything else paintable. I found wood ones at the Dollar Store for a buck each. Obviously you need an N, an O, an E, and an L)
Acrylic Paint (Brown and Red) (You could use any colour or type you want but I would strongly recommend the acrylic. I messed that up because I thought I had some at home, however all I had was my son’s Tempra paint. Which looks like crap when it dries)
Glitter (This wasn’t called for in the original link but I think everything Christmasy looks better with some glitter tossed on it somewhere)
Paint Brushes


1. Paint the Letters first with the brown and while they are still tacky go over them with the red. (I didn’t do brown and red because at first I didn’t really care for the “faux wood” look or whatever. I chose red and then mixed in a bit of black to make it a darker shade)

2. Blend, add some more paint, smudge with a paper towel. Just mess around with it and let dry once complete.
(I didn’t do any of this, I just had one matte colour. Instead of following this step I added my bling to the O. I painted it, waited till it got tacky then sprinkled glitter all over it.)

3. Once your letters are completely dry, arrange them as you’d like and glue them together.
(I used awesome gold glitter hot glue that I found at the dollar store – because I’m super crafty like that – but it doesn’t matter because you can’t see it anyways)

4. Once your glue is set, put up a couple nails and you’re good to go.

Here is the original link’s beautiful version (which I now wish I had followed step by step):


And here’s how mine turned out:


It looks even worse because I didn’t use the right paint. I’m debating about picking up some acrylic and going over the letters again. I really don’t like the matte finish.
My letters are smaller because I got them at the dollar store, so it looks a little insignificant in the spot I currently have it:


Overall I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. I know I couldn’t get $25 for it. (I take back what I said earlier, clearly this stuff takes a talent that I do not possess.)

Despite my lack of crafty skills, this week will be the week of Christmas crafts. I’ve decided.