A Pin a Day


Like most stay at home mom’s I feel like I have to be a great cook, housekeeper and early childhood educator. That’s a lot of pressure. If I had to rely on my instinct – let’s face it, I’d be screwed.

Thankfully there’s Pinterest.

Pinterest has an uncanny ability to make you feel inadequate as you scroll through all the picture perfect images pinned from blogs written by stay at home Supermom’s, but it is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration.
I’ve spent a lot of time pinning cute DIY ideas, awesome recipes, ideas for activities to do with toddlers, decor inspiration and everything else under the sun, but I haven’t spend much time actually DOING any of it.

After a lot of wine and pin perusing one night, I decided I’d start a blog.
Because I’m not a Supermom, and I suck at this domestic stuff I thought it’d be fun to document a regular mom trying to live up to the “Pinterest Perfect” life.

It won’t be perfect and I suspect I’ll miss a day or two, but starting tomorrow I’ll begin my “Pin a Day” foray into domestication.

Should be interesting.



2 thoughts on “A Pin a Day

  1. Seriously love this blog! such a fresh and unique idea for a blog, I adore it, your humorous which is refreshing, and it’s nice to see someone not taking themselves to seriously that they don’t share there mistakes! love it!

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