Day 7: Closet Overhaul


I didn’t cook dinner tonight and didn’t feel like doing anything crafty today so I was stuck for ideas on what to attempt for this blog – what can I say, it’s Monday.

This morning was spent entertaining my son and perusing my usual websites but this afternoon (during nap-time), I decided I’d try to tackle my closet. Hubby just purged a bunch of stuff from his this weekend, and it kind of made me feel guilty about my unruly side of the closet. I haven’t done a clothes purge in years, I still have things from high school in there and I’m almost 30.

So since I didn’t do a specific pin, I’m just making a last ditch attempt to make sure I don’t have an empty post! I also am beginning to think I completely overshot my abilities when I thought I could keep with this blog thing daily…

Anyways, I had this closet purge flow chart picture pinned, it’s really blunt and I always knew it would come in handy whenever I decided to try scale down my wardrobe. (I have enough clothes that I could put off doing laundry for a month)

So that’s it. I cleaned out my closet. The picture definitely came in handy, I did manage to get rid of almost 40 items.
Hubby filled 5 big garbage bags of clothing to donate and I’ve only come up with one…so far.
I still have to tackle my dresser, the spare room closet, the 3 laundry baskets beside my bed, and two shelves and a row in my son’s walk in closet at some point…

Baby steps.

I found the Buzzfeed post titled “34 Ingenious Ways to De-clutter Your Life”, that this pic originally came from. It’s got some pretty good ideas in there. My whole house could use a Pinterest inspired organizational makeover, but that’s a lot of work and I never remember these ideas when the inspirational burst to do something productive hits me.

Well that’s it for Day 7.

I need bed.
And a better idea for tomorrow.


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