Day 10: Chalkboard Chargers


I had a list of items on my list for my craft run the other day and at the very top was chalkboard paint. There are like about a bajillion things you can do with chalkboard paint. Chalkboard walls, cupboards, tables, serving trays, old frames, glassware, the possibilities are endless!

I went into Michaels knowing I wanted chalkboard paint, not having the slightest clue what I was going to do with it, but something was going to turn into a chalkboard.
I had to check out their Christmas stuff, you know their stuff is overpriced when it’s always marked down. (Every time I go in there everything’s like 30-60% off but it doesn’t really seem like a deal because the regular price is ridiculous) I found a couple of chargers that happened to be on sale and reasonable ($3.50 each) and I knew I’d find a pin for something crafty to do with them (so I bought two).

I found a pin of a picture for inspiration, but didn’t really find a step by step tutorial. It seemed easy enough to attempt it by myself, and considering I usually make up or skip most of the steps anyways I thought I’d just make up my own.


Charger of any colour or shape
Chalkboard Paint (I bought Martha Stewart’s brand. Figured it had to be good)
Paint Brush
Plate stand (I got mine from the dollar store)


1. Paint the centre of the charger with the chalkboard paint. Do two coats but let dry for about an hour in between, after the second coat let it dry for 24 hours before attempting to draw on it. (As per the instructions on the bottle I used, which I didn’t really follow, I don’t think I let it dry enough in between coats and the end result was cracking chalkboard paint. Either that or the surface of the charger didn’t agree with it)

2. Chalk it up!

That’s it. That’s my big tutorial!

Here was the picture I used for inspiration because I bought the exact same charger (they did a Christmas countdown version):


Here’s my masterpiece (I decided to forgo the bow because I have no idea how to tie one):

I used this picture for the quote inspiration.

I made two, but the gold one’s blackboard surface came out a lot more crackly than the red one, so I let my little guy have it. He loves it. It’s not overly hideous so I can just leave it in the middle of the coffee table for him to play with as he pleases. (Thankfully chalk is a hell of a lot easier to get off other random surfaces than crayon or marker is.)


There ya have it. Incredibly easy and not that time consuming.
I was even thinking about doing more of these to use as place settings since something possessed me to volunteer to host my family’s Christmas dinner this year…

This paint is an amazing invention. I can’t wait to find more shit to turn into chalkboards!


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