Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza


Three out of all five of the recipes I’ve done have been Buffalo Chicken recipe’s. Clearly we enjoy Buffalo Chicken in this house and this one didn’t even start off as a Buffalo Chicken recipe, the original pin was for Ranch Chicken Pizza.

It looked fairly doable, even though I haven’t made my own pizza in years and this was a really easy recipe that doesn’t actually make you start from scratch. (that’s above and beyond my pizza making skills)


1 tube Pillsbury refrigerated pizza crust (I don’t think we have that in Canada, at least I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I just used a bag of pre-made dough from my local grocery store)

1/2 cup light ranch dressing

1 package of cream cheese (3oz) (it specifies “Neufchatel” cream cheese in the original recipe, but I’d never even heard of that brand so I bought some light Philly. I didn’t really know how much 3 oz was, so I just cut off 1/3 of the stick)

2 tbsp tomato paste

Chicken Breast cooked and shredded

3 green onions, sliced (I just cut up as much as I wanted, didn’t actually measure it)

1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (I never measure cheese out. Ever)

Bacon bits (I actually cooked up my own bacon for this, it’s so worth the extra 10-15 mins of prep time)

Hot sauce (The original recipe doesn’t call for this, but everything is better with some RedHot and that’s what makes it a Buffalo Chicken pizza)


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray (I didn’t do this. I have a stone rectangular pizza tray that I just dusted with flour) Spread dough onto baking sheet and press down to form crust.

2. Bake for 8 minutes.

3. Mix up the ranch, tomato paste, cream cheese and hot sauce.

4. After the crust is done, spread with sauce and add the other toppings (chicken, bacon, green onions and cheese)

5. Bake for another 8 mins. (I had to bake it for another 25 mins. I think my dough was way too thick and I used a lot of toppings so it wasn’t cooking as thoroughly)

6. Slice and eat.


This was really really good.

It was a lot of prep making the bacon and cooking the chicken (because usually I would’ve been done making dinner after those steps), but it was worth it. It was a delicious pizza.
I’m not sure if the cream cheese was supposed to still be chunky in the sauce, but that’s how mine ended up. However, getting a little glob of cream cheese in a bite with bacon and bacon fried chicken was amazing. Even my toddler ate like 5 whole bites before throwing it across the room at the dogs. (That’s a positive dinner experience in our house)

In hindsight though I would cook the bacon less before putting it on the pizza because I definitely didn’t factor in the baking it would do in the oven, but burnt bacon is still bacon.

Anyways here’s the original link’s beautiful pizza:



And here’s what we ate:



Crockpot Cheesy Buffalo Chicken & Rice


I haven’t done any groceries in about 2 weeks.
I’ve run to the store for milk like 3 times but I haven’t had enough motivation to do a full shop so my fridge and cupboards are pretty bare. I either had to go grocery shopping alone with my 16 month old today, or I had to find something to make out of the scarce amount of items I did have.

So I took to Pinterest and found a pin for this Crockpot Buffalo Chicken. It looked pretty good, but because I didn’t have a couple of the ingredients, I just used it as inspiration to create what I now call Crockpot Cheesy Buffalo Chicken & Rice.

That’s right. My own creation! Maybe I am turning into a domestic diva…


Chicken Breasts (Luckily I had two of these hanging out in the back of my freezer, I know they’re not that old because I feel like I just cleaned that thing out)

Hot Sauce (I used Franks Red Hot because, quite frankly, I do put that shit on everything and it’s always in my “sauce door”. I didn’t actually measure it, but if I had to eye it out I’d say it was probably 1/4 cup)

Ranch Dressing (I had about 1/3 of a bottle left so I just used the rest of it, again not sure of the measurement probably around 1/2 cup) 

Rice (You could use 1 cup of any kind of cooked rice but I used a package of Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice in Creamy Cheddar Cheese)

Shredded Cheese (about 1/2 cup, but there’s really no limit to the amount of cheese a dish should have. Everything’s always better with cheese.)


1. Place chicken breasts in the bottom of the crockpot

2. Mix up ranch and hot sauce and pour over chicken

3. Cover and let the chicken cook on low for a few hours (I probably cooked it for about 6 but my chicken was frozen)

4. Shred the chicken once cooked

5. Add cooked rice (or the pre-packaged pre-cooked stuff like me) and shredded cheese and mix it up. Turn off the crockpot and let it sit for 2-3 mins.

5. Serve it up.

I didn’t take a picture of this one, wasn’t sure I was going to blog about it and by the time I had decided too, it had been devoured. This dish will definitely be made again and probably within a few weeks. I’ll update this post with a pic when I do.

If I can pull this one off without royally f’ing it up anyone can. Trust me.

Oh and it pairs well with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon 😉
(I don’t actually know this. It’s just pretty much all I ever have on hand)


Day 6: Turkey Burgers


In all honesty I didn’t really feel like doing a pin today. I had picked this one out this morning – when I had more energy – now that it’s dinnertime, I’d rather curl up on the couch and enjoy another night of takeout. However, that would leave me with another blank blog post and we can’t have that.
I know how lazy I am, I don’t need everyone else to know either.

I chose these Turkey Burgers because all I had for meat in the freezer was ground turkey, they didn’t seem too hard, and again, I try to choose recipes where I already have most of the ingredients.


2 tbsp of butter (or canola oil)
1/2 C finely chopped celery
3 Granny Smith Apples, peeled and diced (I only used one and didn’t bother peeling it)
1/4 cup thinly sliced green onions
4 lbs ground turkey meat  (I only had 1 lb of ground meat, so I’m trying to tweak where I can to account for that, but my past experiences have me doubting my abilities…)
2 tbsp salt (I didn’t have any normal salt because I used all I had in my cupboard for my salt dough ornaments, so I just used ground rock sea salt)
1 tbsp pepper
2 tsp tabasco sauce (I used Franks RedHot Xtra Hot)
1 lemon juiced and zested (I didn’t have an actual lemon, just a bottle of lemon juice)
1/2 bunch parsely, chopped (I never have this stuff on hand so I just omitted it)
1/4 cup Major Grey’s Chutney (Didn’t have this either, instead I used peach jam…not sure how that’ll turn out)


1. Dice the celery, apple and green onions. (I need to add this step, I always forget to do the prep stuff for some reason)

2. Sauté the celery, apples and green onions in butter till tender. Let cool. (I accidentally ended up browning everything. I didn’t exactly let things cool either, but my meat was still half frozen so I figured they would cancel each other out. In hindsight, I really shouldn’t keep trying to write the posts as I’m actually trying to do the cooking or crafting. There’s too much of an opportunity for mishap)

3. Place the ground turkey in a large bowl and add the sauteed items and remaining ingredients. (I added about a cup of breadcrumbs to try and bind the meat a little better even though the recipe didn’t call for it. I also forgot the hot sauce until after I made the meat mix into patties. So I had to scrap them all, add the sauce, and redo them)

4. Refrigerate for 2 hours (Now I don’t know exactly how important this step is. The recipe says it’s pretty imperative to get the mix to firm up. However I neglected to read this step when I chose the pin. So now, because I left things till 7:00 to start, I don’t have time for that. I put them in the freezer for 20 mins instead…)

5. Season the turkey burgers with salt and pepper. (I added the S&P to the mix because that’s what I thought you were supposed to do when it said “add remaining ingredients”. Since it’s not super clear on that, I didn’t add any more. I learned about how terrible over-seasoning is when you don’t have enough meat, from my balsamic chicken fail)

6. Place on preheated, lightly oiled grill. Grill each side for 7 mins until meat is thoroughly cooked. (This is where my hubby comes in, the grill is his domain. I did give him specific instructions, but if this really goes sideways I’ll just blame him and his grilling techniques)

7. Let sit for 5 mins and serve on your favourite toasted bread, pita or hamburger bun, with your  chosen toppings. (We put ours on toasted hamburger buns. I topped mine with brie cheese, hubby went with marble, and we both had barbecue sauce) 

Honestly when I started dinner tonight I thought for sure we’d have to toss it and end up ordering out again. I was expecting the worst since there were a couple ingredients I omitted, my math on tweaking ingredients for the amount of meat I have doesn’t usually work out for me, and I didn’t follow the instructions to a T, but these were surprisingly delicious!
I’d attempt these again. Hubby really liked them too, but he wasn’t the biggest fan of the celery, so either I’d try to dice it a little more or just leave it out next time. (I enjoyed it for the added crunchy texture)

Here’s the beautiful burger from the original blog post:
ImageAnd here’s mine: (I could’ve sworn it was in focus when I took the picture…)

I’m really glad this one didn’t end up as a complete fail and that it was actually edible, otherwise I’d never hear the end of it from my smart-ass spouse.

Now…where’s that damn wine.

Day 1: Buffalo Chicken Balls


I had to start things off easy. No need to shock my system with some crazy out of reach idea (like a whole four course meal) that would only serve to frustrate me and make me end this little blog project before it officially begins.

So, I chose to recreate a fairly simple recipe I found for Buffalo Chicken Balls with Blue Cheese.
(Click here for the original recipe link)

I knew hubby would be on board for this one, he really enjoys anything with the words “Buffalo Chicken” in it and the Blue Cheese was an added bonus for him (I hate the stuff) and since our son has the same eating habits as daddy I knew this wasn’t going to go to waste.

Chicken Ball Ingredients:

1lb of ground chicken (you could substitute this with any kind of ground meat I’m sure)
Butter (original recipe called for 4 tablespoons but I just eyed this stuff out)
1/2 cup of Frank’s Red Hot
1 tsp salt
1 stalk celery (diced)
1 egg
2 cup bread crumbs (original recipe only called for one, but stay with me…)

I’m not posting the ingredients to the blue cheese dressing because I cheated and just bought some. Can’t pull everything off from scratch on the first post 😉

Instructions: (If you want to be precise follow the original link!)

(This wasn’t the first instruction on the link and even though it called for diced celery I forgot to pre-dice it – which ended up setting everything back about 10 mins. So for all those other ditzy domestic divas I thought I should add this step.)

2. In a small pot melt butter and hot sauce and whisk together. Once butter is melted set the pot aside and let cool.
(It was recommended to do this on low heat, however I put it on the stove, cranked it and then left it for 10 mins because I forgot to dice the damn celery)

3. Grease whatever you want to use to bake them in.
(I just now while writing this post realized that the original link called for a 9×13 pan. I missed that completely and used a baking sheet)

4. In a bowl, combine chicken, salt, celery, egg, 1 cup of bread crumbs and hot sauce mixture. (Put the other cup of bread crumbs in a separate bowl)
Mix with hands until combined.

5. Roll the mixture into small packed balls.
(I know there’s a joke in here somewhere but I’ll leave it alone.)

6. Coat the meat balls with remaining bread crumbs
(I added in this whole coating business! BAM! I wanted them to be a bit crunchy)

7. Place the balls evenly in rows in whatever baking dish you decided to use.
(My mixture made about 22 balls)

8. Bake until the meatballs are firm and cooked through.
(The recipe said to cook for 20 mins, but I ended up doing almost 40. After 25 mins I flipped them to try and get them to bake evenly. It’s really hard to tell if they are cooked through because the colour of the chicken gets thrown off by the Frank’s. I certainly hope they were cooked through….)

9. Let em cool and serve em up with your dipping sauce of choice.
(Hubs had the blue cheese and I had ranch)

We had them with french fries (which I ended up burning in the toaster oven because I was too busy blogging about every step that I forgot I was even cooking a side dish.)

So this is the appealing and appetizing picture from the original blog:
buffalo chicken

And since I don’t have super awesome bright kitchen lighting, or cute dinnerware, or an amazing camera, or a knack for visual presentation – this is what our dinner looked like:


On the bright side it tasted pretty damn good (minus the fries) and I finally somewhat successfully completed a pin!