The Lazy Domestic Diva


So I really let myself go there…
I didn’t do anything Pinterest worthy for over a week. We ordered take out for 4 days in a row, went out for dinner twice, watched a few movies, caught up on a couple shows and drank a bunch of wine (tis the season).

I really suck at this domestic stuff, especially when I’m trying to blog about it.

This past weekend we pawned the tiny tyrant off on my in-laws and had a wonderful child-free weekend.
I thought I would get a lot done. There’s a lot of cleaning to do around here, plus I had some Pinterest projects in my head that I wanted to work on and I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping.
Instead, we acted like a couple of teenagers whose parents were gone for the weekend. Stayed up way too late and drank way too much, but we had such a good time alone together that we’ve decided to do it once a month and the grandparents are more than happy to take our minion overnight.

So, because I’ve done next to nothing for over a week I thought I’d just put up a super simple post to get me back into the swing of things.

Since we have copious amounts of empty wine bottles around here (I do solemnly swear that we are not alcoholics or irresponsible parents – most of the time) and I just purchased chalkboard paint, I figured I’d put the two together.

I didn’t get this from a pin, it was born out of sheer laziness to attempt anything else and desperation to put up another post sooner rather than later.


Wine Bottles
Chalkboard Paint


1. Empty out wine bottles (you can always call on me if you need help with this step)

2. Wash bottles and let them dry

3. Apply a coat of chalkboard paint and let dry for an hour

4. Apply another coat and let dry for 24 hours before writing on the surface

5. Scribble away on your new chalkboard bottles

That’s it, probably doesn’t even need 5 steps, I’m just trying to make it look official.

I went on Pinterest after to see what other people were doing with wine bottles and chalkboard paint and most of them link up to cute ideas for centrepieces for weddings and stuff like that.

I made one up to include a menu, you could place it on the table if hosting a dinner or something…maybe…I don’t know.
I honestly have no idea what the hell I’m going to do with these now, but they were fun for a minute or two.